A logo is so much more than an image and pretty colors. A logo identifies an organization or a product and makes it distinct from others. As it becomes familiar, a logo will embody the qualities of the organization. The Apple logo reminds us of innovation, the Nike swoosh makes us want to move, and the orange and white symbol of Whataburger lets us know a hot, customized hamburger awaits.

Good logo design can speak volumes, reflect a company’s personality and convey a brand, if you avoid these 5 common design mistakes.

Mistake #1: Poor Font Choices

With tens of thousands of fonts available, finding the right one can be a challenge. When you work with a Graphic Designer you have a guide who will ask questions about your business and be there every step of the way. For our clients, we might recommend a serif font that is classic and traditional to convey stability and professionalism. If your company needs a fun, modern feel, then a san serif or script font might be the right choice.

Mistake #2: Clashing Colors

At Your Digital Airspace, we love color! We also know when choosing colors for your logo it’s vital to think about which ones are pleasing together and what the color conveys about your business. It’s perfectly fine to choose colors that you personally like, after all, it’s your company. When you work with a designer we create color choices, known as palettes, that work together to project the image and feel of your brand.

Mistake #3: Use of Too Many Gradients

A gradient, also called color progression, is a gradual blending of colors. A good example is the Instagram logo. While this technique can be eye-catching and modern, we advise against using too many gradients in your design. The logo could become hard to read, might reproduce poorly and cause confusion for the eye.

Mistake #4: Too Similar to Other Logos

You’re unique and your logo should be, too. Checking out competitor’s logos and other businesses is great for inspiration, color ideas, and even to note what you don’t like, but when you have your logo designed by a professional graphic designer, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting an original. It will avoid misrepresentation and possibly a lawsuit.

Mistake #5: Using Stock images

Stock images have their place in design, just not in your logo. Images used from a stock source, even if you’ve paid for the use, cannot be trademarked and are not unique to you. Imagine finding the perfect image, creating a logo then seeing your exact image in a competitor’s advertising. When you work with us we hand draw or photograph images just for you.

Developing a logo is a fun and rewarding journey, but it can also be overwhelming. Let Your Digital Airspace be your professional guide. Reach out today, we have you covered.

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